Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Announcement: Secret Mission!!

My blog gets a lot of hits, so I know people are reading it, which is good! I wouldn't spend all this extra time for nothing! Now I'm curious to see who is using it! I did this once last year, and that time has come again!

I like to know how many families are reading my blog so I know for the future if I should continue to keep blogging. Contrary to popular belief, it isn't mandatory, but I love doing it because I love sharing with you all the fun and learning that happens in our classroom :) However, if only 5 out of 29 families are using it, that would provide with me valuable insight.


This Friday, March 11th, if you regularly read my blog, please dress your child in some form of RED (shirt, bright red headband, necklace, etc.). That way I will know if you read my blog. This is just out of pure curiosity!! 

Remember, you can always subscribe to my blog! That way you will get an e-mail every time I update so you don't have to check constantly :) It's on the right sidebar under "Search this Blog".

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