Friday, 4 May 2018

Our Current Inquiry: Jr. Astronaut Ceremony!

Today we had our ceremony to congratulate our junior astronauts! Each received a certificate and shared what their favourite part of their learning was! :)

Ayushi - "The fizzing Jupiter experiment!"

Jibran - "The planets!"

Jadyn - "The Earth video!"

Kaiden - "Learning about the planets!"

Javraj - "The planets!"

Manny - "The space shuttle experiment!"

Matiei - "The Earth"

Noah - "The rocket ship experiment!"

Eli - "The planets!"

Gurshaan - "The space station!"

Ava - "The planets!"

Sienna - "The space station!"

Clarissa - "The songs!"

Ana - "The songs!"

Anthony - "All of it!"

Ella - "The space books we could colour in!"

Ema - "The videos!"

Jeremy - "The science!"

Shana-Lyn - The books!"

Deniz - "The planets songs!"

Congratulations to all of our junior astronauts! We hope you had lots of fun and learned a ton! We are so excited to start learning about something new soon! What will it be!?

Thursday, 3 May 2018

Our Current Inquiry: Astronaut Training Course!

Today was the last activity for our space unit. We needed to make sure our junior astronauts were in tip-top shape and ready for space! Students had the opportunity to complete the following to prove they were ready! Tomorrow they will get a special certificate from Commander Pliura and Tortola :)

Our Current Inquiry: Space Shuttle Experiment!

Yesterday we did a space shuttle experiment to see how fast the space shuttle would go! We attached the shuttle to a balloon filled with air, and students had some great predictions and conclusions!