Thursday, 13 April 2017

Special Events: Spring Celebration!

Today was our Spring Celebration! We are all so excited for the long weekend, and we had some special events planned for today! We started off by doing an egg hunt! We counted using tally marks to see how many chocolate eggs and kinder treats each child would get. We counted 1 kinder treat and 10 chocolate eggs. We learned that if people took more than 10 eggs each, that other people would get less. We made sure we counted all of our eggs afterward!

Here is a video of our egg hunt!
 After lunch, it was time for our special treats! Thanks to everyone who brought them in, and for the chocolate egg donations!! The kids had a great time :)

We hope everyone has a great long weekend, regardless of how you celebrate!! We will see you on Tuesday :)
~ Love Miss Pliura & Mrs. Tortola