Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Announcements: Updates and Reminders

Hi Parents,

A couple of reminders:

  • Please remember to label your money and what it is for! Scholastic order forms have to be filled out with your child's name and what books they want. We can't fill them out for you! Exact change is required or we will not provide change. Unlabelled bags will be sent home.
  • We have said goodbye to Savo, Stefana, and Jake. We had multiple parents asking after my last post if their child was leaving. The possibility of reorganization of classes happens every year, but often there is no change. Please know for future reference that I would never make a public post if we didn't already know who was leaving, and we would never, ever make this change without your knowledge! All parents were contacted by Mr. Castellani Friday afternoon.
  • V.I.P starts next week! Every week we will have a V.I.P. That student gets to do something special each and every day during our morning routine. They also get to be the line leader, choose first for play time, etc. We do this in alphabetical order, so don't worry, your child will get their turn! Just like last year, everyone will get to be V.I.P for a whole week. You will get your V.I.P package the Friday before your child's V.I.P week. 
  • We are collecting money for the Terry Fox run! If the school raises enough money, Mr. Castellani will get a pie in the face. All of your support is appreciated! The date is in October. You will see this on our October calendar when you get it.
Thanks so much!

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