Monday, 22 February 2016

Announcements: Library Day Confusion

We have been having a lot of questions about book exchange and when library books are due. Library exchange doesn't happen the same day every week. We are on a 5 day rotation and with PA days and holidays, it can be Monday one week and Tuesday the next. I have not put this on our monthly calendar because if for some reason the system is down and book exchange doesn't take place, then I have multiple notes coming in the next day asking why they didn't have their book exchanged, if it was lost, etc. which I then have to respond to when I'm not even their library teacher.

My advice is to keep the book for one, two, or three days and then send it back. If you are that curious as to the exact day it's due, you can cross reference it with the board's calendar. It takes place on day 3. Thank you.

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