Friday, 16 June 2017

Special Events: Father's Day

This week, we have been talking about Father's Day. The children started saying what they loved about their dad or what they liked to do together. We jotted down some of their comments for you as a special surprise! Happy Father's Day!!

I love my dad because.........

Alessandra: "I love him because he helps me ride my bike with NO training wheels!"

Alex: "He takes me with him to give people food."

Anuja: "He kisses me when I go to bed."

Hasan: "My dad plays with me."

Janiyah: "I like to tickle my dad."

Maxwell: "I love when my dad teaches me new words from England."

Olivia: "We go on special Daddy/ Daughter date nights."

Ryder: "I love EVERYTHING about my dad."

Stuart: "He plays soccer with me."

Tania: "He takes excellent care of me."

Tawe: "He plays games with me."

Yousef: "He takes me to soccer."

Zoe: " He fixes my brace for me."

Ana: "My dad always tickles me and I laugh so hard."

Ava: "He takes me to soccer."

Clarissa: "Plays blocks with me."

Colin: "My dad takes me bowling, one time."

Eli: "He plays Tic Tac Toe with me."

Gurshaan: "He plays blocks with me."

Kaiden: "He plays with me."

Manny: "My dad teaches me to play soccer."

Matei: "He reads me a book."

Noah: "I like to play Minecraft on his Xbox."

Sienna: "He snuggles with me."

Jersey: "He cooks cookies and apple cake for me."

Javraj: "Reads books."

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