Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Special Events: Luau Party!

Today we had our luau party! We were so excited for this very special day! We kick started it by making fruit smoothies! Strawberry Banana to be exact :) We made a total of 3 batches! We even topped them off with little umbrellas :)

Delish! Here we are enjoying our smoothies. Some students even "cheers"'ed each other, it was too cute! They were a big hit! The majority of students enjoyed them :)

So we needed pictures for the month of June for their monthly writing journals (which you'll receive at the end of the year!), but I just HAVE to share them. They are too cute for words! So because you read the blog, you'll get a sneak peek ;)

I forgot Mohit :( I'm sorry!

Then it was time to learn how to hula!!

And what kind of luau would it be without some limbo!? This made me giggle :D

We had a great day!!

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