Monday, 9 November 2015

General Happenings: Weekly Challenges!

This year we've done a bit of rearranging in our classroom. We've turned our Tinker Table into a "Finger Gym" and transformed our science table into a math table. Each table will have weekly challenges that students are encouraged to complete throughout the week.

The Finger Gym is where students will work on fine-motor skills (small muscle movements in hands/dexterity). Here is our challenge this week!

Students have different coloured straw-pieces that they can weave onto string along with some leaves and hole punchers :) 

Here are our previous Finger Gym challenges!

I'm especially excited to introduce our new math table! I felt as though our science table wasn't getting as much use as I had hoped, so I transformed it into a math table! Every Monday we will introduce a new challenge. This is a great way for me to see what students know and where we need to take our learning.

This week's challenge is pretty difficult. I'm excited to see where students take it.

There are 6 ways to compose the number 10 using 2 digits, but more if we use multiple digits!

Here are our previous challenges!

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