Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Announcements: Building Independence

As we head into a new school year, it's important to start off with certain expectations, and one of those expectations is for our students to be as independent as possible. Of course I don't expect children to be able to do everything for themselves right from the get-go, but they can certainly do a lot! Here are some things we hope students can become independent at... as soon as possible ;)

1) Zippers on coats, backpacks, and lunches: Please help your child learn how to do up their zipper on all of these things.

2) Packing their backpack: Please help to teach your child how to put their important bag in their backpack (along the back) and their lunch bag. The second you try to put a lunch bag in in the wrong direction, the zippers don't do it and it causes frustration.

3) Going to the bathroom: We can't go in the bathroom with students, so please make sure your child knows how to wipe themselves, clean up any messes, put the seat down, and flush.

4) Opening their food: Ideally, all students should be able to open their own containers, yogurt tubes, juice boxes, etc.

5) Doing up their shoes: Velco is the best option for those who can't do up their laces. Please don't send your child to school in shoes with laces if they can't do them up themselves.

We will be going through some of these things together as a class, but in the meantime, please practise at home to help build independence! They're little things, but makes a huge difference with so many kids :)

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